Wild Jester’s 2015 Guy Fawkes Night Sale

Britons of all ages might now spurn the traditional festival of Guy Fawkes Night in favour of the more glamorous, and admittedly safer, American traditional of Halloween (pumpkins, costumes, trick or treating, and all that jazz). It now appears common for publishers to conduct Halloween sales. But we at Wild Jester Press have always prided ourselves in taking the path less travelled by. We remember the fifth, and so it is in honour of Guy Fawkes’s radical plan to literally redistribute British democracy using a cellar’s worth of gunpowder1 that we are lowering prices for a short sale.

From now, Monday 2nd November, until Friday 6th November, the Kindle editions of both If Pigs Could Fly and Game Night will be priced at 99p in the UK and 99c in the US, down from their standard prices of (£1.99 / $2.99).

Click on the links below to visit the appropriate Amazon page:

If Pigs Could Fly | Kindle | UK

If Pigs Could Fly | Kindle | US

Game Night | Kindle | UK

Game Night | Kindle | US

1Either that, or his consequent capture, torture, hanging or dismemberment. Quite frankly, after four hundred years no-one’s quite sure what we’re supposed to be celebrating, and given the current state of antipathy towards politicians, we suspect many expressions of sympathy would be running Mister Fawkes’s way.