Game Night

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Author: Jonny Nexus

“Game Night is gut-bustingly, rib-tearingly, bed-wettingly hilarious. It’s also sharply observed, cunningly crafted and decidedly well-written, but it’s the funny that leaves the impact … The best novel ever written about gaming. One of the funniest novels ever written about anything.”
– Steve Darlington, gaming writer

Game Night Rebuild - Cover Only - MediumIn an anachronistic realm at the far end of creation, five adventurers near the climax of an epic quest, upon which hangs the fate of their world. Sadly for them, however, they are but pieces in a roleplaying game being played by a group of bickering gods.

Epic events will unfold, only to then unravel. Secrets will be revealed and then forgotten. A much-abused reality will warp, mutate, rewind, and – on occasion – capitulate. Stupidity will birth tragedy; mischief will spawn chaos; malevolent arrogance will conjure forth genuine evil.

A story of myth and legend twelve thousand years in the making is heading towards its final chapter.

It’s game night.

“A Pratchett-esque debut novel of gods, roleplaying, and game-night kerfuffles. Buy Game Night. It’s a fun, fresh, irreverent read that’ll ring true to any gamer even if, unlike the protagonists, you happen not to be a god.”
– John Kovalic, Writer & Artist (Dork Tower, Munchkin)


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