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Wild Jester’s 2015 Guy Fawkes Night Sale

Britons of all ages might now spurn the traditional festival of Guy Fawkes Night in favour of the more glamorous, and admittedly safer, American traditional of Halloween (pumpkins, costumes, trick or treating, and all that jazz). It now appears common for publishers to conduct Halloween sales. But we at Wild Jester Press have always prided ourselves in taking the path less travelled by. We remember the fifth, and so it is in honour of Guy Fawkes’s radical plan to literally redistribute British democracy using a cellar’s worth of gunpowder1 that we are lowering prices for a short sale.

From now, Monday 2nd November, until Friday 6th November, the Kindle editions of both If Pigs Could Fly and Game Night will be priced at 99p in the UK and 99c in the US, down from their standard prices of (£1.99 / $2.99).

Click on the links below to visit the appropriate Amazon page:

If Pigs Could Fly | Kindle | UK

If Pigs Could Fly | Kindle | US

Game Night | Kindle | UK

Game Night | Kindle | US

1Either that, or his consequent capture, torture, hanging or dismemberment. Quite frankly, after four hundred years no-one’s quite sure what we’re supposed to be celebrating, and given the current state of antipathy towards politicians, we suspect many expressions of sympathy would be running Mister Fawkes’s way.

Upcoming Conventions

Both Game Night and If Pigs Could Fly (from October) will be available in trade paperback format from Amazon, and other retailers. But if you’d like to buy a copy from us directly, and at special convention rates, we will have stands at a number of upcoming UK and Ireland conventions:

Irish Discworld Convention 2015
Cork International Hotel, 2-5 October 2015 [website]

Dragonmeet 2015
IBIS Hotel Earls Court and ILEC Convention Centre, 5 December 2015 [website]

Mancunicon (67th British National Science Fiction Convention, or Eastercon)
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester, over the Easter weekend, 25-28 March 2016 [website]

We will be adding others events in over the next few months. If you have any suggestions for anywhere we could or should be, please let us know.

Jonny Nexus – If Pigs Could Fly

Wild Jester Press is pleased to announce that it will be publishing the next novel by English humour SF/F writer, Jonny Nexus. If Pigs Could Fly is the first book in the West Kensington Paranormal Detective Agency series, featuring offbeat paranormal investigator Ravinder “Rav” Shah.

It will be published this summer, in both trade paperback and e-book (Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Kobo) formats.

Wild Jester Press will also be publishing a new edition of Jonny’s previous, ENnie-nominated novel, Game Night.

About Jonny Nexus

Jonny Nexus began his writing career in the table-top roleplaying field, with his cult gaming webzine Critical Miss. This led to monthly columns in the roleplaying magazines Valkyrie and Signs & Portents, and the publication by Mongoose Publishing of his parody gaming guide, The Slayer’s Guide to Games Masters.

His debut novel Game Night, the tale of a dysfunctional group of roleplaying gods, was nominated/shortlisted for an ENnie award.

Further information can be found at Jonny’s website:

About Wild Jester Press

Wild Jester Press is a new small-press publishing house based in Brighton. Its target market is genre works (science-fiction and fantasy) with a generally humorous slant.

Further information can be found at the Wild Jester Press website: